Satellite Stories (c) FKP Scorpio

Satellite Stories sagen ihre Konzerte in Deutschland ab

Das Statement von Satellite Stories „We are sad to say that we will be cancelling a number of our shows this fall in Europe. Due to a number of factors. We have not been 100% happy with our last album, in terms of the freedom to make the music exactly as we wanted and the final sound. This has not had the best result on the creative direction we want to be going in, nor on our mental health. So we do not feel it would be right to play in these amazing cities again until we get back into the studio (which we are doing already) and will continue to do for the rest of this year, plus take some time to clear our minds. This is the first time in the history of the band we have ever done anything like this and we feel terrible about it. We will go away now, clear the head, make some new music and be back fresh and full of new ideas. As always thanks for your support. Esa, Marko, Jyri, O-P“ Bereits gekaufte Tickets können an den Vorverkaufsstellen zurückgegeben werden. Veranstalter: FKP Scorpio]]>